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NEBytes - 20th September 2017 - Adventures with Typescript and Alexa

After a longer than anticipated break over the summer we're back with two talks in September.

TypeScript for the C# Developer

We're welcoming Peter Shaw for our first talk. Peter is a freelancer with his own consultancy in the North East of England, a Published Technical Author for Pluralsight and Syncfusion, and one of the driving forces behind LiDNUG, one of the most active .NET related virtual user groups on the LinkedIn platform.

There's little doubt that JavaScript is eating the world these days, everywhere you look it's JavaScript, from the server through to the browser.

The problem is, JavaScript is a nasty, horrible unforgiving language, not at all like our nice strongly typed safe languages, such as C# and others we use in the back-end and on the server.

Because of JavaScripts popularity, many of us that have spent most of our Careers in the world of C#, are finding that to stay current we have to make the move to front-end and the world of JavaScript.

Enter TypeScript. Typescript allows you to quickly get to grips with the world of JavaScript, while still retaining your knowledge, skills and most importantly Strongly Typed way of doing things, in this session I'll show you why as a C# developer you need to seriously consider using TypeScript, and what the language has to Offer over Regular JavaScript. Oh and I might even throw in a little bit of Aurelia along the way ;-)

Adventures with Alexa

Our second talk this month comes from Peter Davies. In his session Peter will cover session will cover how he built a home-brew Alexa device with a Raspberry Pi and 2 BBC MicroBits with his kids, and what their future plans are for it. He'll also delve into writing custom skills for Alexa.

Peter is Technical Director at Zerolight - heading up the development of their online media creation service. Zerolight provides digital, online and VR experiential retail solutions to the automotive industry. Peter also runs an independent and not-for-profit coding dojo in Hexham. Previously Peter owned a web-development and programming services company, has operated as a freelancer, and began his career in the console computer games industry.

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