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NEBytes March 2011: Automation extravaganza

Computer, Earl Grey Tea, Hot - John Price

Ok, so this is a little more difficult to arrange with home automation, but controlling lights, heating, curtains and just about every other device in your house just by talking to it, is actually Science Fact! Take a tour around our automated house and see what’s possible with a little effort.

John’s background is in Point of sale for the retail sector, in particular petroleum. He has been working as a developer for as long as he can remember, in fact his first development job was at 15, whilst still at school!

John worked for 10 years at Wella GB as a developer developing systems for hairdressers before doing 4 years designing hardware for various platforms. John even had a hand in designing a 286 motherboard!

John then worked for Meggitt Petroleum Systems as a Technical Architect designing Point of Sale terminals and Back Office systems for major oil companies across the world. John says he has been lucky enough to visit 26 countries as diverse as South Africa and Japan doing this.

John has developed some desktop and enterprise level applications using an obscure 4GL called Omnis.

Since then he has been working with .NET since its inception and was part of the beta program for 1.0 and have built a web site in ASP.NET

Numerous projects later John has specialised in media devices for XP and XP embedded and media center, along with mobile applications for devices ranging from symbian hardware through Pocket PC to Windows Mobile 6.1, the Vista versions and some Windows 7.

John is also a pilot and is fortunate to have an aeroplane at Coventry airport, at the flying club. John can usually be found on the airfield most Saturdays either flying the 'plane if the weathers good, or flying the bar if its not!

PowerShell: Beyond the Blue Command Window - Jonathan Noble

When PowerShell first came along, a lot of people simply saw it as cmd.exe with a different background colour. Familiarity is a double-edged sword: it makes people comfortable, but it also breeds contempt. With the release of PowerShell v2, Microsoft added the scripting environment they really wanted to release from day 1, but PowerShell is running in many other places beyond the blue command window.

Join former PowerShell MVP Jonathan Noble on a tour of PowerShell hosts; from the basic shell, to SSIS and the web.



The event will be hosted in Room 120 of Claremont Tower (Building 32) at Newcastle University.  For a detailed campus map -

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