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NEBytes August IT Pro event - Help required!

Hello Everyone,

We have been looking at what sessions we could plan in for August for the IT Pro track and couldn’t choose one, so we have decided to do something unusual!

We are proposing opening the floor up to you our members / random people off the street. The idea is that we’ll have several people doing short (15 mins or so) talks on something that they are interested in or have learned about recently.

So Roll-up Roll-up and complete our nomination form to register your interest in speaking! All topics will be considered & please don’t be shy, talking isn’t as intimidating as you might think!

Talk nomination survey here


Edit: The event will be on the 18th August so make sure you can make the date if you want to talk.

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  • RoguePlanetoid

    7/13/2010 10:34:45 AM |

    Sounds like a great idea - have put my name down for Windows Phone 7 discussion - did something similar at Barcamp North East just after the phone was announced and it seemed to go well! Plus the phone had literally been announced the previous week, know a lot more now!

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