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NEBytes April 2012 - Automating the Platform of the Future

Join North East Bytes for our fourth event of 2012.  Following on from the great events that we've had over the last two years, we've lined up another great event for your benefit.  We are delighted to welcome Richard Custance, from Sage, to give us the rundown on provisioning and deploying applications on Windows Azure, and we have our very own IIS MVP, Andrew Westgarth, giving us the run down on IIS 8.   Register now, you won't want to miss this opportunity!

Date: Thursday 26th April 2012

Time: 18:30-21:00

How to ‘Smartly’ Provision and Deploy a .Net Application on Windows Azure with Richard Custance
The session will show how Sage UK Ltd has leveraged the Windows Azure Platform to migrate the server-side components of one of its leading lower mid-market desktop applications, Sage 200 ERP, to the Cloud. 
Sage 200 ERP is a .Net 3.5 / 4.0 (c#), single-tenant, traditional Windows Form client-server, line-of-business application. Not sold as an off-the-shelf application, Sage 200’s five and a half thousand customers are trained and supported by a large Sage Business Partner community. Sage 200 is fully customisable with a large eco-system of Sage Developer Partners providing add-ons, amendments, and extensions to the core product.  
The technical challenge posed to the Sage 200 R&D department was how to transition elements (server-side components including data and documents) to the Windows Azure Cloud whilst maintaining all the business logic, features, and customisations supported in the current desktop.
From this session you will learn how ‘being clever’ with Windows Azure as helped the Sage 200 team deploy, provision, host and run Sage 200  in a clustered-multi-tenant environment in the Cloud.
Richard Custance is Technical Architect at Sage UK Ltd, based in Newcastle. Richard has worked for Sage UK for 18 years and in that time has seen the Sage 200 application (formerly known as Sovereign and Line 100 and MMS) re-written / re-engineered from its original DOS implementation that it was in the early 90s to the .Net 3.5 / 4 Windows application that exists today. Now, as the Sage R&D team plans to move Sage 200 to the Cloud, Richard’s role as an architect has been to determine how the application (including its many 3rd party customisations and add-ons) can be dynamically provisioned and deployed on Windows Azure.
IIS 8 Platform for The Future with Andrew Westgarth
With the release of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, Internet Information Server (IIS) received a major update and this has continued through IIS 7.5 which was released with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. Now we sit on the verge of another update with the upcoming release of Windows Server 8 and Windows 8 which bring with them IIS 8.0.
In this session we'll set the scene with a quick run through of the building blocks put in place through IIS 7 and 7.5 and then deep dive into the features coming in IIS 8.0 which enable Developers and IT pros to deliver optimised, advanced interactive applications using technologies such as HTML5 and Web Sockets whilst also making use of scalability and configuration enhancements on the underlying platform.
Andrew Westgarth is a Technical Architect at Sage (UK) Ltd working on large scale web applications. Andrew is very active in the UK Developer Community, attending and speaking at multiple events, supporting users and other User Groups. In the past he has spoken at the Irish Microsoft Technology Conference, VBUG's National Two Day Conference; Developer Developer Developer Day 5 and local User Group meetings. Andrew has experience in VB6/.NET; C#; ASP.NET and Internet Information Services. Andrew's current technical interests include IIS 8.0/7.5/7.0, IIS Extensions and Windows Azure; Personal Performance Improvement and Best Practices.
The event will be hosted in Room 1.02 of Claremont Tower at Newcastle University. For a detailed campus map -
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