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ByteCast 7: Mini Byte

This lunch time Jon and I recorded a mini-bytecast in an effort to keep the content flowing. This one comes in at about 8mb and runs just under 20 mins. Have a listen and see what you recon

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In this edition we cover the IE9 GUI and some other browser related topics

Get the file here: ByteCast 7: Mini Byte

ByteCast 6: Oops we forgotted

So after a wee summer break (and with some lack of organisational skills) we now manage to bring you the next thrilling instalment of the … NEBytes … <drum roll> Bytecast </drum roll>

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In this edition we talk over some big news & then had a discussion about online privacy:

Get the file here: ByteCast 6: Oops we forgotted

Do you like the discussion format, or think we should stick to news? Fill out the comments box!

Wednesday 15th September 2010 – NEBytes September 2010: It's All About Phones and Infrastructure Management

North East Bytes now steamrolls into autumn with our 10th event of the year. Why not register, come along and enjoy the show!

Managing an Enterprise Infrastructure Using SCOM 2007 R2 with Mark Robson

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is Microsoft’s enterprise monitoring and alerting tool. SCOM gathers server performance and status information using software agents; it then collates this information using pre-determined rules (Management packs) and produces a “health” report for the environment. SCOM can be a very complicated product to implement and needs to be handled carefully to ensure the information it is producing is accurate & relevant.

In this session Mark Robson will draw from his real world experiences implementing SCOM to show how it can be used as much more than just a server monitoring tool.

image Mark, a NEBytes local, is an IS Systems Manager for a Newcastle based housing association. In 2009 Mark was key in the managing the first UK implementation of a companywide SCOM 2007 R2 deployment that has since been used as case study by Microsoft (

You can follow Mark on twitter at:

Introducing Windows Phone 7 with Matt Lacey

In this session Matt will give us a view of overview of Windows Phone 7 and an introduction to developing applications for it.

We'll look at functionality and features of the phone highlighting what's new and what's different in the interface, architecture and development experience.

Matt has been paid to develop software for the last twelve years. In that time he has worked with multiple languages & platforms and for companies of all types and sizes. He currently works for a company specialising in mobile and digital content solutions. He is particularly interested in developer productivity, mobile computing and providing excellent user experiences.

He also organises DevEvening ( and the Windows Phone User Group


The event will be hosted in Room 120 of the Claremont Building at Newcastle University.  For a detailed campus map -


NEBytes August 2010–Technical Debt and It’s Over to You!

We held our first ever August event last night and we were more than pleasantly surprised with the numbers despite being well into the holidays!  Thanks to all those who attended and to those who didn’t – well you missed one hell of an event!

We had three presentations from members of the NEBytes community – Peter Bull, Tim Mather and Justin Souter.  Interesting content covering Windows Phone 7, Cloud Computing and Open Source.Net primarily Umbraco.  Well done to the guys for their informative presentations – all in the space of 15 minutes too!  It takes bottle to get up from the chair and get in front of people and deliver so well done!

We were extremely delighted to also welcome Gary Short, to give us a great presentation on Technical Debt – a hugely important topic for all developers and managers alike!  I’d personally been looking forward to seeing this session for quite a while and was not disappointed!  Gary’s a great speaker, very eloquent and has an excellent delivery style, if he’s speaking at a user group or conference near you I very much recommend listening to what he has to say!  His talk went down very well and received great comments on Twitter.

We will post the slides for each of the presentations on this post so feel free to take a look at the content delivered.

August Event: Gary Short and an open mic session

For this month’s event on Wednesday 18th, we’ve got C# MVP Gary Short coming to talk about “technical debt” – the cost of not following good practice in development. I’m not a developer personally, by I’ve still inherited code and had to further develop on stuff that has been basically a mess, and putting it right is certainly costly in terms of time and stress levels! Gary’s presentation will cover how to put a financial cost on this and cover some measures to identify problem areas in a code base.

In the other half of the evening, we’re doing something that we’ve planned since forming NEBytes – opening up the floor to the attendees. This month we’ve got four short talks planned, covering Windows Phone 7, Cloud Computing, Open Source .Net and ASP.Net MVC.

More details are available on the events page, or head straight over to Eventbrite to register.

Register for NEBytes August 2010: The Debt Is Over To You in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite

ByteCast 5: In Free Fall

Well we’re back again and this time all four of us made it into the “studio” to record the latest installment of the NEBytes ByteCast.

The NEBytes ByteCast is now available in iTunes so we have two ways you can subscribe to the ByteCast:

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NEBytes ByteCast feed for iTunes

In this edition we discussed:

Get the file here: ByteCast 5: In Free Fall!

NEBytes August IT Pro event - Help required!

Hello Everyone,

We have been looking at what sessions we could plan in for August for the IT Pro track and couldn’t choose one, so we have decided to do something unusual!

We are proposing opening the floor up to you our members / random people off the street. The idea is that we’ll have several people doing short (15 mins or so) talks on something that they are interested in or have learned about recently.

So Roll-up Roll-up and complete our nomination form to register your interest in speaking! All topics will be considered & please don’t be shy, talking isn’t as intimidating as you might think!

Talk nomination survey here


Edit: The event will be on the 18th August so make sure you can make the date if you want to talk.

ByteCast 4: You lot are bound to lap this up!

Hello again folks, I’m pleased to announce the next instalment of NEBytes that was recorded recently.

We’ve tweaked the format slightly to hopefully give things a bit more personality (and less of a news overdose!).

The ByteCast has been submited to iTunes for approval but you can also now subscribe using your other generic RSS based webcasting software using the following link:

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In this edition we discussed:

Get the file here:

ByteCast 4: You lot are bound to lap this up!

50 minutes, 20.8 mb

Bytecast 3: Lots of stuff!


Hello all,

Hot from the audio computer foundries I am pleased to present NEBytes Bytecast 03…

This months episode was recorded with Jon, Andy and Ben on Thursday the 24th June. There was lots of topics to get through as you can probably gather from the links below. In future I think we are going to try and keep the number of topics down so that we can get a good discussion going & try to keep it light hearted. I do however strongly recommend you give it a listen, but you know I'm slightly biased!

Anyway, enjoy & please drop us a comment…

ByteCast 3: Lots of stuff

60 minutes, 25.8 mb

Topics & Links:

Stay tuned for a Bytecast RSS link coming soon.