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Coding for Kids Slide Deck


A lot of people asked Same and I for the slide deck from our talk on Coding for Kids and we’re delighted to post it here, along with some links below from the slide deck.  I hope our session inspired you to get involved and give kids opportunities to code!  Any questions please contact us and we’ll be only to happy to help.

Also here are the details about Code Pub a meetup for Code Clubs being organised in Newcastle on 24th April 2014, 18:00-21:00

What's New in PowerShell v3 - the slides

For those who want to re-live the fun, and those who are curious about what they missed, here are my slides from last night's NEBytes presentation:

What’s New in PowerShell v3 and Introducing Script Explorer
At the end there was a discussion about books to help you get started with PowerShell. There are some really good books out there, but to reduce the cost of entry, I'd suggest you start with some free ebooks. You can check out this post on my blog which links to some resources, and you may also find PowerShell cheat sheets useful (I did when I was getting used to the syntax). Also, look out for announcements around the public availability of the Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell.
I also asked whether anyone would be interested in a North East PowerShell Script Club? I want to discuss with those who might want to take part about how they'd like it to work for them, but one idea is to meet for half an hour before the normal NEBytes meetings so that we can share challenges we've faced or successes we've had, with the aim that we all get better through sharing our experiences. If that's of interest to you, drop me an email to jonathan at or @jonoble on Twitter.

NEBytes August 2010–Technical Debt and It’s Over to You!

We held our first ever August event last night and we were more than pleasantly surprised with the numbers despite being well into the holidays!  Thanks to all those who attended and to those who didn’t – well you missed one hell of an event!

We had three presentations from members of the NEBytes community – Peter Bull, Tim Mather and Justin Souter.  Interesting content covering Windows Phone 7, Cloud Computing and Open Source.Net primarily Umbraco.  Well done to the guys for their informative presentations – all in the space of 15 minutes too!  It takes bottle to get up from the chair and get in front of people and deliver so well done!

We were extremely delighted to also welcome Gary Short, to give us a great presentation on Technical Debt – a hugely important topic for all developers and managers alike!  I’d personally been looking forward to seeing this session for quite a while and was not disappointed!  Gary’s a great speaker, very eloquent and has an excellent delivery style, if he’s speaking at a user group or conference near you I very much recommend listening to what he has to say!  His talk went down very well and received great comments on Twitter.

We will post the slides for each of the presentations on this post so feel free to take a look at the content delivered.