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ByteCast 5: In Free Fall

Well we’re back again and this time all four of us made it into the “studio” to record the latest installment of the NEBytes ByteCast.

The NEBytes ByteCast is now available in iTunes so we have two ways you can subscribe to the ByteCast:

NEBytes ByteCast feed

NEBytes ByteCast feed for iTunes

In this edition we discussed:

Get the file here: ByteCast 5: In Free Fall!

NEBytes August IT Pro event - Help required!

Hello Everyone,

We have been looking at what sessions we could plan in for August for the IT Pro track and couldn’t choose one, so we have decided to do something unusual!

We are proposing opening the floor up to you our members / random people off the street. The idea is that we’ll have several people doing short (15 mins or so) talks on something that they are interested in or have learned about recently.

So Roll-up Roll-up and complete our nomination form to register your interest in speaking! All topics will be considered & please don’t be shy, talking isn’t as intimidating as you might think!

Talk nomination survey here


Edit: The event will be on the 18th August so make sure you can make the date if you want to talk.

ByteCast 4: You lot are bound to lap this up!

Hello again folks, I’m pleased to announce the next instalment of NEBytes that was recorded recently.

We’ve tweaked the format slightly to hopefully give things a bit more personality (and less of a news overdose!).

The ByteCast has been submited to iTunes for approval but you can also now subscribe using your other generic RSS based webcasting software using the following link:

NEBytes Bytecast feed

In this edition we discussed:

Get the file here:

ByteCast 4: You lot are bound to lap this up!

50 minutes, 20.8 mb

Bytecast 3: Lots of stuff!


Hello all,

Hot from the audio computer foundries I am pleased to present NEBytes Bytecast 03…

This months episode was recorded with Jon, Andy and Ben on Thursday the 24th June. There was lots of topics to get through as you can probably gather from the links below. In future I think we are going to try and keep the number of topics down so that we can get a good discussion going & try to keep it light hearted. I do however strongly recommend you give it a listen, but you know I'm slightly biased!

Anyway, enjoy & please drop us a comment…

ByteCast 3: Lots of stuff

60 minutes, 25.8 mb

Topics & Links:

Stay tuned for a Bytecast RSS link coming soon.

ByteCast 1: Lets start something

So a little while back (towards the end of May) we (Andy, Jon & Ben) recorded about an hours worth of audio on varying topics. Topics covered include:

  • Google I/O conference
  • Dell Streak
  • New Hotmail
  • Office Live preview
  • Silverlight 4 tools
  • J Allard & R Bach moving on from Microsoft
  • new Spotify accounts

Also after last NEBytes event myself (Ben) and Jon went and recorded an “E3 special” that goes through some of the hardware and game announcements from this years E3 gaming conference. This one is only about 30 minutes long!

The idea is to record and release an episode on a fortnightly basis where possible. Currently the format is still not finalised but have a listen & tell us what you do and don’t like so we can make changes! At the moment there isn’t a dedicated RSS feed or iTunes link etc.. but this is something we hope to get out there soon, just let us know you like it first :)

So where can you download these wonderful examples of audio perfection(?) right here(!):

ByteCast 1: Lets start something

53 minutes, 18.9 mb

ByteCast 2: E3 special

31 minutes, 23.7 mb


Again, if you've listened then please, please leave us a comment underneath :)

May Event: A Developer’s Guide to Velocity aka AppFabric and Making Powerful Use of PowerShell 2.0

On Wednesday 19th May we have another two great speakers lined up for our May event.  We have Phil Pursglove visiting to give us A Developer’s Guide to Velocity aka AppFabric and we have our very own Jonathan Noble showing us how to make Powerful Use of PowerShell 2.0

For full details check out the Events Page or go straight to Eventbrite and register now!

Register for NEBytes May 2010 - The Need for Speed: A Developer's Guide to Velocity aka AppFabric And Making Powerful Use of PowerShell 2.0 Easily in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite

Three Great Events in The North East in April!!


As part of the Microsoft Tech Days UK 2010, a week of free events for Developers and IT Professionals, there are three great events of note running in the North East.  The Sharepoint User Group are hosting a great night at the Cinema in Stockton, and then NEBytes are pleased to welcome Jesse Liberty for a special evening of Silverlight in addition to the Monthly meeting covering Office 2010 and Preventing SQL Injection Attacks.  Best of all- all three events are FREE!!!!

Monday 13th April 2010 – SUGUK – Sharepoint 2010 and Free Screening of Clash Of the Titans at Stockton-on-Tees Showcase Cinema

sugukMicrosoft and Combined Knowledge have funded a great evening to celebrate the launch of Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2010.  Join the Sharepoint User Group at the Showcase Cinema in Stockton-on-Tees to see a short presentation on the new features in Office and Sharepoint 2010, followed by an Open Mic “Ask the Experts” session on general SharePoint topics such as business adoption, Sharepoint designer, VS 2010 and Office focussed development in general, before settling down with Popcorn to watch a free screening of the new blockbuster – Clash Of The Titans!

For more information and to register -

Friday 16th April 2010 – NEBytes – Jesse Liberty – Silverlight Geek – Newcastle-upon-Tyne

nebytes-logo-final On Friday 16th April 2010, We are pleased to welcome Jesse Liberty, the self styled Silverlight Geek and a Senior Program Manager in the Silverlight Development Team at Microsoft, to Newcastle as he makes his way round the UK as part of his UK Tour .  Jesse will be delivering the following session:

Building A Highly Extensible, Decoupled Silverlight Open Source Application with MEF and RIA Services using Lean, Test Driven Development, An International Team of Volunteer Programmers,  and lots of Advil.

This talk will use the Silverlight HyperVideo Platform open-source project on CodePlex as a case study in building highly extensible Silverlight applications. Among the topics we will focus on are:

  • New features in Silverlight 4 and how they made life easier
  • The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) added to Silverlight 4
  • WCF RIA Services for connection to a back-end db
  • Handling inter-module communication when the requirements are that modules cannot assume which other modules will be created, there can be no dependencies on order-of creation and unanticipated modules must be able to communicate with existing modules.
  • Using Markers, Injected Markers and polling to trigger events while viewing a video.
  • A Quick introduction to Lean, TDD and Kanban.

NEBytes are also looking at putting on a Geek Dinner afterwards, so if you’d be interested in attending let us know when you register for the NEBytes – Jesse Liberty – Silverlight Geek Event

Wednesday 21st April 2010 – NEBytes -  “Office 2010” and “Preventing SQL Injection Attacks” – Newcastle-upon-Tyne

nebytes-logo-finalOn Wednesday 21st April 2010 NEBytes will be holding their regular monthly event and will be covering the topics of Office 2010 and Preventing SQL Injection Attacks.  We are pleased to welcome Colin Mackay to cover Preventing SQL Injection attacks and we are very pleased to have NEByte’s very own Jonathan Noble and Ben Lee covering Office 2010 at the event:

Office 2010 - Ben Lee and Jonathan Noble

This summer Microsoft will release Office 2010. While this is more of an evolution from Office 2007 rather than the revolutionary jump from Office 2003 into the world of the Ribbon UI, there are still a number of new features in the desktop applications that make this release interesting. In addition, 2010 sees Office head into the cloud with the all-new Office Web Apps. In this session, NEBytes' own Ben Lee (@Bibbleq) and Jonathan Noble (@jonoble) will highlight their favourite new features across the whole suite and also demonstrate how to manage, secure and deploy Office 2010 to the desktop, including delivery using App-V.

SQL Injection Attacks and Tips on How To Prevent Them - Colin Angus Mackay

In light of some recent events, such as the man who was convicted of stealing 130 million credit card details through a SQL Injection attack, it is imperative that developers understand what a SQL Injection Attack is, how they are carried out, and most importantly, how to defend your code against attack.

In this talk Colin Mackay will demonstrate a SQL Injection Attack on an application in a controlled environment*. He’ll show you where the vulnerable code lies and what you can do to harden it.

Although this talk uses C# as the application language and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as the database engine many of the concepts and prevention mechanisms will apply to any application that accesses a database through SQL.

* Demonstrating an attack on a system without the owner’s consent is a breach of the 1990 Misuse of Computers Act, hence the controlled environment.

Colin Angus Mackay is a Software Developer living in Glasgow. He has been programming since the age of 9 starting with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. He became a professional software developer in 1994, using a Smalltalk based language called Magik. In 1996 he started using C++ commercially and in 2002 migrated to the emerging language of C#.

Colin has received a number of awards including Code Project MVP (for 5 years) and Microsoft MVP (for 3 years). He is a member of the British Computer Society and a Member of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers. He is currently the chairman of Scottish Developers and has organised the last two Developer Day Scotland conferences (with a third in the works).

You can find out more on his blog at:

Go to the NEBytes April Event Registration Page and sign up now!