North East Bytes - Microsoft Technology Usergroup in the North East of England

NE Bytes - 19th September 2018 - Late Summer Lightnin'

Late Summer Lightnin'

We said we'd re-run a night of lightning talks like we did back in early 2017 so this month's meeting is it. It's lightning talk time!

We're looking for short, 5-15 minute talks on a technology-related topic. Slides or demo or live coding? A pet project you've been tinkering with, a new programming language, platform or framework? 

Email or tweet us @NEBytes with your ideas.

Please register as usual at eventbrite

An Evening Of Tech Talks at Scott Logic

The talks will cover Technical Architecture, UX Design, and Web Development.

Doors will be open at 6pm with a chance to grab a drink and some pizza before the talks begin at 6.30pm. Before and after the talks there will be an opportunity to network, meet some of the Scott Logic team and discuss all things tech.

What You Ask and What You Want: Journeying Architecture Through Requirements

Gordon Govan

Gordon will talk about a prototype project for an energy company looking to integrate with the central communications platform of the next generation of smart meters. We will look at the proposed architecture, implemented architecture, and the journey between the two, responding to the client’s needs and capabilities.

Gordon is a Senior Developer at Scott Logic, helping clients achieve their tech dreams across the full stack. He enjoys squeezing the best possible performance out of web-apps and throwing data around through reactive systems.

Designing for Complex Applications

Courtney Yule

Courtney will talk us through a project which focused on allowing users to easily and efficiently place FX transactions, send payments and deal in long and short-term investments. She will briefly describe the various stages of the project from a User Experience perspective, including requirements elicitation and user research, ideation and final solutions. She will also discuss how the business and user needs were balanced, along with highlighting any challenges faced during the project.

Courtney is a User Experience Designer at Scott Logic. She has worked on a variety of projects ranging from FX Trading Applications, IOT solutions, Conversational Commerce and consumer banking applications

From the Bottom of the Mariana Trench to the Top of Everest in JavaScript

Chris Price

WebAssembly is the lowest-level primitive ever to come to JavaScript. It can now be found in every major browser and is expected to unlock the performance required for the next generation of web experiences.

Async Iteration is the culmination of two of the highest-level primitives ever added to JavaScript. As it is rolled out across the browsers, it is expected to do for streams, what Promises did for callbacks.

A recent client project involved developing an API for streaming huge-volumes of low-latency market data directly into the browser without compromising on its ergonomics. In this talk, we'll discuss both of these extremes in the context of that project and where we think these technologies will lead us.

Chris is a Technical Architect at Scott Logic. He spends his days developing desktop/tablet/mobile web apps for financial services companies. Unfortunately most of those are hidden behind paywalls but he does like to blog about it when he can.

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