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NEBytes February 2017: Tools Galore and a Private Cloud

After a brief hiatus we're back in February.  And we're also back at Campus North.  We've got two talks for you this month.

Building your own Private Cloud on a Shoe String

"During this talk I will offer an alternative to AWS and Azure, a little known provider that also happens to have the third most hosting servers in the world (According to Netcraft 2015). 


What if I also said this company was also was often much cheaper than Azure or AWS while offering similar SLA’s?   What about an easy to use REST API that covers pretty much everything they do?  Interested yet?  I was.    The company is called OVH.


I will discuss the benefits and limitations of using OVH to build a cloud infrastructure.

Discussions and Demonstrations will include:

·         Virtual Instances on the OVH Public Cloud

·         Dedicated Servers

·         Setting up Microsoft Hyper-V Core on Dedicated Hardware

·         Microsoft System Centre Virtual Machine Manager

·         Firewalls and Load Balancers

·         Private Networking and World Wide Data Centres

·         Using Object Storage with Open Stack and C#

The costs - How to get it for £30 a month (Or free)


Mark Thompson is the Head of Product Development at Global Data Sentinel. 

Mark’s software development experience includes everything from Military Communications to Factory Automation to Accountancy products all using predominantly C / C++ / C#.

Global Data Sentinel provides secure data solutions including strong encryption and biometrics in both on premise and cloud hosted scenarios.

The Global Data Sentinel Research and Development Team are based just North of Newcastle in Gosforth.  Their products are used world wide by organisations of every size.

Git, Gulp, Grunt, Node and Code: Making Sense of the Modern Development Toolchain

Our second talk is from Dr Bill Ayers...

"JavaScript was once just a scripting tool for "front-end" developers. Now it's gone mainstream. And along with it comes a new set of tools that the cool kids use. In this session I'm going to look at some of the new tooling that is being used by web and open-source developers and increasingly in enterprise development and by engineers at Microsoft building the next generation of SharePoint and Office 365 technologies and the SharePoint Framework. We'll look at the tools, when you would use them, and how they relate to more traditional IDEs like Visual Studio. We'll also look at JavaScript as a language, including its shortcomings, and how it is changing, along with the role of transpilers like TypeScript. If you are planning to build solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint over the next few years, you need to get up to speed on the modern development toolchain."

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Ben & Jon - Retiring from NEBytes

First off Happy New Year folks - yes, yes we're way into the new year but still, new years mean new starts. As anyone who was present at the latest event in December will know Jon and I have decided to take a step back from the montly running of NEBytes.

I first met Jon and Andy through the VBUG series of user groups where they announced they were looking to startup a Microsoft focused, technical user group in Newcastle. The goal was to run monthly sessions for both IT Pros and Developers and I think it is safe to say that we acheived what we set out to do. Now as NEBytes heads into it's 7th year with 78 events under it's belt I think the time is right for me to have a bit of an "NEBytes pause" and become involved in some other community activities and user groups (prehaps even try to blog again :o )

Thats not to say that NEBytes is going anywhere, Damien is still involved as is Derek who came on board last year and has been the driving force behind all of the recent events. I'm sure that NEBytes will remain strong this year and beyond.

It also means that we'd be more than delighted to have some extra pairs of hands onboard to help with the organising and coordination of events/speaks. If you would like to be involved please drop us a comment or make contact.

So for now, from Jon and Myself, Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!