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NEBytes October 2011–Denali What Can I Tell You?

Join North East Bytes for the first event in what is the outstanding month of October!

We are pleased to welcome Andrew Fryer from Microsoft UK's Developer and Platform Group to give us the low down on SQL Server Denali

Date: Thursday 6th October 2011

Time: 18:30-21:00

Denali - What Can I Tell You?

Denali is the next release of SQL Server. It builds on the three themes of the previous version:

  • Scalability and Availability
  • Unstructured Data
  • Business Intelligence

So I am going to dive into each of these as far as I can at the moment and give you and idea of what's coming up in the public beta

Andrew Fryer

I'm a technical evangelist at Microsoft UK. What this means is that I spend my time explaining the future to IT Professionals who do data management and data centre administration. There are just under a million IT Professionals in the UK, and to reach all of these I spend a lot of time online: On my blog, doing webcasts and the usual social media channels (Twitter, Facebook). However I love going to community events to swap stories and to try and help get the most out of Microsoft technologies.


The event will be hosted in Room 120 of the Claremont Building at Newcastle University. For a detailed campus map - (Identified by number 32 on the maps).

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NEBytes September 2011: BUILD like a brick…

In a slight departure from our normal event format (and time slot! THIS EVENT IS ON TUESDAY THE 13th!!!) we are pleased to offer a chance to watch the Microsoft BUILD conference keynote (almost) live! The idea is to display the BUILD keynote stream on the big screen with the opportunity to pause & discuss key points as they are revealed.

What is this BUILD malarkey you may well ask? Well it’s a one off event that Microsoft have cooked up to cover what’s new and coming in Windows 8 and by all accounts they are promising some pretty big things …

In 1995, Windows changed the PC. BUILD will show you that Windows 8 changes everything.

If you are a contemporary developer, a geek who thrives on the newest and coolest, who loves the freedom of the web and the power of all devices from mobile to desktop, you need to join us to help BUILD the future.

Our approach means no compromises—you get to use whatever kind of device you prefer to run the apps you love. This is sure to inspire a new generation of modern hardware and software development, improving the experience for PC users around the world. -

So come along and join us on Tuesday for the live stream & remember try not to watch it in advance it’ll spoil the mood ;)

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