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Wednesday 20th October 2010–NEBytes October 2010: The Live Essentials to Security Anti-Patterns in ASP.Net

Join North East Bytes for our tenth event of the year.  Following on from the great events that we've had so far we've lined up another great event for your benefit.  Register now, you won't want to miss this opportunity!

Windows Live Online and Windows Live Essentials 2011 with Jonathan Noble

Following on from the launch of the "wave 4" cloud based Windows Live services a few weeks ago, Microsoft released the new version of it's free desktop suite, Windows Live Essentials 2011, at the end of September. This collection of utilities adds some basic functionality to Windows, but also contains some little-known gems, such as some of the former Microsoft Research projects build into Windows Live Photo Gallery, and the critically acclaimed Windows Live Writer.

This session will cover all of the desktop and cloud components of Windows Live; highlighting some of the new features of the latest releases, showing why those receiving the suite pre-installed on a PC shouldn't just ignore it, and why everyone else will likely find something worth downloading.

Jonathan Noble started his career in IT early, being kept out of primary school assemblies in order to show teachers how to use BBC Model Bs. After watching Top Gun too many times, and a less than fun part-time job in PC World, he nearly gave up computing and became a fighter pilot, but was somehow drawn back to the keyboard and has spent the last decade managing Windows systems at Newcastle University. He's dragging himself away from Medal of Honor and NBA 2K11 on the Xbox to deliver this session.  Jonathan blogs at and tweets at

Security Anti-Patterns in ASP.Net with Ross Dargan

Microsoft have done a pretty good job of allowing developers to produce secure applications by default, but pesky developers always find a way around! Here I will be showing some of the most common mistakes developers make (including Sql Injection, XSS, Data Leakage, CSRF) and how simple changes can make an application significantly more secure.

Ross has over 6 years experience working for a local IT consultancy based in Durham. He has developed and architected several large scale applications used globally. When he is not working on applications he is typically playing with an Arduino/Netduino trying to make an Internet of things.

He can often be found on Twitter here:


The event will be hosted in Room 120 of the Claremont Building at Newcastle University.  For a detailed campus map -

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